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Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Feel like it’s time for change? Ready to feel fresh, invigorated, mindful and leaner? Then it might be your time to join Emma Wilson’s Clean and Lean programme.

I joined in September 2018, several stone overweight, energy-less and stressed. 4 months later I am stones lighter, full of energy and definitely not stressed! Sleep is deep, wellbeing is brimming with goodness and enthusiasm for everything is overflowing!

You are what you eat! A statement I’ve used flippantly in the past but now sums up my transition and that of friends around me & other members of the programme. It’s a change for life but The Clean & Lean programme is broken down into bite size monthly chunks where Emma is with you every step of the way, helping you to make the right choices for your day to day life.

I can honestly say Emma has changed my life. Dramatic you might think, but having struggled with weight and the guilt of food all my life, I have always yo-yo dieted and never quite found a way of eating that was easy and so impactful.

Clean and Lean by Emma Wilson does turn the diet industry on its head. Low fat dieting is dispelled, instead meals consist of a good fat, protein and vegetables. Your body begins to torch excess body fat rather than having an over-supply of sugars, therefore the search for your next sugar/starch hit becomes less, as do your cravings. Your insulin remains stable so your fat-burning capability is maximized. And your food tastes delicious!

There is more scientific research into the harmfulness of processed sugars & foods and many of us have already started to make shifts away from these chemical sugars. The insulin produced by your body from sugars raises stress hormones, can lead to poor gut health, bloating, impacts on sleep quality and unspent sugars turn to fat. Reasons in themselves to walk away from sugar! (Not to mention type 2 diabetes!)

It is also educating you to understand which foods, whilst deemed ‘healthy’, have a negative impact on insulin thereby having the same results as sugar.

I love food, there is no getting away from that. I thought I could not possibly ever take bread, pasta and rice away from my diet, as they have always been a staple with pretty much every meal (and between) for me! I now feel so satiated with fat fuelled meals that taste amazing, and the numbing of the taste buds from such sugar carbs is a distant memory. I honestly don’t miss them!

This I know isn’t for everybody and why should it be, but if you feel that it is time for change for you then you should get in touch with Emma. Emma is so supportive, knowledgeable and passionate about helping you that within a few weeks you’ll be amazed by the changes in yourself.

The Hollies Farm Shop have collaborated with Emma Wilson Fitness; local health, nutrition & fitness coach, to launch a Clean & Lean showcase at The Hollies Farm Shops.  Look out for the signage and stickers on products that are endorsed by Emma as part of her Clean & Lean programme.  Plus dishes on 32 and 59 menus endorsed by the Clean & Lean programme.  Launches 7th January at Little Budworth and by mid-January at Lower Stretton.

www.emmawilsonfitness.co.uk | [email protected]


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