Time for change – The magic pill?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Time for change  – The magic pill?


July 2018                                                                                December 2018

I think I have found the magic pill! For me that is at least, although there are changes in some of my nearest and dearest too. A catch up with a friend over the Summer of 2018 left me inspired to get in touch with Emma Wilson, a local health, nutrition & fitness expert.

My friend, an intelligent, vibrant and fit woman who had attended Emma Wilson’s fitness classes had embraced Emma’s programme earlier in the year.  She was brimming with enthusiasm of its impact on her & her husband’s lives.  Weight loss had been more important for her husband, but it was wellbeing that had really impacted on Lisa. They are both active people, loving the outdoors & adventure but the balance of life, work and children was overwhelming (as it is for most of us). Lisa couldn’t enthuse enough for how Emma’s programme had helped change their lives.  Their feelings of health and wellbeing were now ingrained in their lives since switching their eating habits, Lisa describes them as changes for life and lifestyle gains.

I had to have a bit of this! I was overweight, feeling stressed about balancing work & children and was not exercising at all.  I was happy; I’m lucky enough to have an amazingly supportive husband in Phil, 2 gorgeous children and a job I absolutely love. I often couldn’t understand why on earth I felt so stressed as I was at the pinnacle of happiness with all that I had around me.  I know I put difficult and negative emotion into mental boxes & bury them as part of a coping mechanism – it sounds unhealthy but it has always worked for me! My philosophy has always been that if you see someone without a smile then give them one of yours.  Positivity can breed positivity.  Seek out the positives and they will serve you with happiness.

I have been overweight (of some description), all my life. Although I am looking back at photos where I thought I was overweight I then wished I was as small as that now! I have struggled with my love of food, mainly because I have used it as an emotional crutch. Whatever the emotion: boredom, sadness, happiness – food has been the momentary fix to relieve or celebrate that emotion!  I know I’m not alone in this!

I ate with a trigger of seeking ‘nice’ things to munch on, sweet treats and dinners with lots of carbs. These had become my staples to pleasure eating without a thought to whether I was hungry; crusty bread & butter mmmm, dreamy cakes, pasta dishes filled to the brim (after all I was entitled to eat as much as my husband, wasn’t I?). Don’t get me wrong, none of this was eaten without guilt or in secret or justified to myself in some way!

So here I am with Lisa, overweight and stressed and she is offering me an olive branch for change. I snatched it from her and got in touch with Emma within days of that catch up and within weeks I’d begun Emma’s programme.

Lisa had said, “do it for 3 or 4 weeks and you’ll be blown away by how amazing you feel”. I didn’t have to wait that long, within 2 weeks the shifts toward health had begun. Sleep was deep, I didn’t have the usual feelings of food deprivation (dramatic I know) from a change in diet and I seemed to already be shifting my attitude to the work-life balance.

At the end of the first programme I had lost 25lbs, was brimming with enthusiasm for life and was having the best night’s sleep ever!  This is definitely a change for life!

I am indebted to Lisa for that chat, her ongoing support and now mutual appreciation for Clean & Lean by Emma Wilson.

If it’s time for change for you then Clean & Lean by Emma Wilson could be for you. Read more about Clean & Lean, the healthy choice here.


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