New Ranges at the Delicatessen

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Be it a quiche, some pate, a bowl of olives, a wedge of cheese, a slice of pork pie or some freshly sliced cooked meat- we have everything you need in our Delicatessen for your ultimate summer picnic. With ranges of homemade products added in with quality artisan produce, the Deli offering is always growing and developing with every season.

In our homemade range, the chefs have now started making the Spinach, Feta and Olive Quiche and the Sundried Tomato and Chorizo Quiche in the larger size to buy in the Deli, due to their popularity in the Coffee Shop. They make four different kinds of pasta salad that are perfect for your work lunchbox; Green Pesto with peppers and onions, Italian with tomatoes and mozzarella, Chicken Caesar with bacon and Greek with feta and olives.

New from Olives et al. we have Pitted Minted Seville Olives; Green Pitted Amphissa olives from the area around Delphi in Greece, in lemon infused oil with mint and garlic. Also new to our range is the Berber Olive Mix; mixed pitted olives in extra virgin olive oil with harissa paste, mint and lemon.

Our cheese fridge is always brimming with its stock of over 70 different cheeses. Back in our fridge is Burt’s Blue cheese which is a semi-soft blue made in Cheshire with quality milk from a local dairy for a richer flavour. As well as the original, we also now have The Drunken Burt cheese and DeVine Burt cheese. The Drunken Burt is Burt’s cheese with a difference; instead of piercing the cheese during ripening which encourages the blue veins to develop, the cheese is washed in Cider. The cheese takes on some of the golden colour of the cider and flavour characteristics- even a slight smoky note from the oak barrel. The DeVine Burt is similar to the Cider washed one, except it is then wrapped in vine leaves for a fuller flavour.

The Toppings Pie Company has won 33 Great Taste Awards and we think their products are delicious. New this June in our Deli we have their Beetroot and Horseradish Topped Pork Pie and their Apple Topped Pork Pie which both contain prime British pork pie meat. Also in their range we have a Gourmet Chicken and Pancetta Pie and a Beef and Horseradish Pie.

This summer why not try some our selection of vinegars and dipping oils? The Fig and Date Vinegar is a mouth-watering blend of Balsamico di Moderna from Italy, combined with white wine vinegar, rich date syrup from Israel and natural fig flavouring. This is great with Parma Ham or Prosciutto, drizzled over a goat’s cheese salad or as a great partner to all kinds of cheese. Use the lemon flavoured oil over salmon steaks with some sprigs of fresh dill and baked in the oven. The Raspberry vinegar is perfect drizzled over a summer salad, refreshing when added to water to create a cordial and even can be poured over vanilla ice cream to make raspberry ripple flavour!

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