Sourdough September

Friday, August 16th, 2019

September brings with it a whole month celebrating the wonders of sourdough!

Sourdough is made with only 3 ingredients (flour, salt and water) and it contains the same friendly cultures as homemade yoghurt. These cultures work chemically on the whole grains during the fermentation process to make the most of flavours and nutrients and make it much easier for the body to digest. Sourdough has more nutrients and vitamins than other breads, promotes gut and metabolic health and keeps you fuller for longer.

The sourdough you see in our farm shops at both Little Budworth and Lower Stretton comes from the Hand-Crafted Real Bread Company, a family craft bakery that was founded back in 1957. We stock a variety of their sourdoughs including white, brown, dark rye and sunflower, a black olive sourdough baguette and a cheese and onion sourdough!

Sourdough can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet. Make sure that you pick up a loaf when you visit us this September!

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