New Cheeses in the Deli

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

The Deli at The Hollies Farm Shop, Little Budworth, is always increasing its cheese offerings. We now buy many of the cheeses in wheels and cut and pack onsite, so that you are getting the freshest cuts at great prices. The latest addition to the cheese selection in the Deli is Cornish Yarg. This cheese is creamy and soft textured underneath the nettle leaves in which it had been left to mature. In the middle it has a crumbly texture. The Cornish Yarg is delicious on a cracker with a chutney. We have many choices of cracker at The Hollies, from The Fine Cheese Company Red Hot Chilli Cracker to the Mondvino Black Olive Cracker. The wide range of chutneys and pickles of which many are locally produced, includes Mrs Darlington’s Apple Chutney, The Cheshire Chutney Company’s Cheshire Chutney and Tracklements’ Chilli Jam. The Deli at The Hollies Little Budworth Alongside the great selection of cheeses in the Deli, are cooked meats, pates, olives and a range of Hollies Homemade items, such as quiches, pies, pizzas, soups, coleslaw, coronation chicken, hummus, breaded mushrooms and pre-prepared vegetables and potatoes. The Deli at The Hollies Farm Shop Little Budworth, is packing many of the selection for our Lower Stretton site too.

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