Meet Liam

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Meet Liam who joined The Hollies 15 months ago in the role of Shop Assistant in our Little Budworth farm shop. With over 10 years Butchery experience under his belt, Liam transitioned into the Butchery as soon as a vacancy came up, where he became a valued and knowledgeable member of the skilled Butchery team.

For the last couple of weeks, Liam has been at Bricklands Fish and Game in Hoole learning all about fish. From scaling and filleting to setting up eye catching displays and learning about the best practices for storage both in store and at home, Liam learnt on the job to gain valuable experience in preparation for the new fish counter coming to The Hollies. Liam is now trained up and confident working with a variety of fish, and will be passing on his knowledge to the team here at The Hollies. Liam says he has enjoyed learning a new skill and is excited to get started and be there to tell you all about the fish on his counter and offer advice.

We asked for your help over our Social Media channels during February to assess the interest in fresh fish and see what suggestions you had for what we should stock.
Your TOP TEN suggestions were;

1. Sea bass
2. Salmon
3. Tiger/King Prawns
4. Cod
5. Tuna
6. Lobster
7. Monkfish
8. Scallops
9. Mussels
10. Smoked Haddock.

We have passed these onto Liam and the team, along with all the other suggestions and ideas that came in. Thank you to everyone for your help!

Bricklands Fish and Game in Hoole is owned by a company called Big Fish Little Fish who will become our suppliers. Big Fish Little Fish will source the best fresh fish and deliver to The Hollies 5 days a week from when the fish counter opens in the first week of March 2018.

The Hollies Fish Counter comes as part of the exciting extension development at the Little Budworth Farm Shop. The Butchery team move into the extension in the first week of March which will give them more room to expand their range and increase their storage. The Delicatessen will move into the extension during the second week of March with an extended counter to better showcase their fabulous range of products and enable them to have a greater focus on speciality cheeses.

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