Kaltback Creamy

Kaltbach Creamy

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Our Cheese of the Month this May is Kaltbach Creamy, a semi-soft Swiss mountain cheese made using the finest fresh Swiss cream and fresh cow’s milk. It is cave-aged in Kaltbach and has a natural black-brown rind.

The sandstone cave lies in a little village in Switzerland, nestled among rolling hills and fragrant meadows. Within the cave, found 15m below the sandstone surface, the humid mineral climate and constant temperature are ideal for the cheese to ripen. After several months the cheese reaches the perfect maturation point and develops its full character and dark-brown rind; a process called cave refinement. The Kaltbach ‘Cave Masters’ are experts in the art of cheese refinement. They ensure the best conditions for the magic of the maturing process are met and care for each cheese through brushing, salting and turning with infinite passion and patience.

After maturing for 4-5 months, the result is a rich, full, melt in the mouth flavour. Kaltbach also has a slightly nutty taste running through it and is a delicious alternative to Gruyere when cooking. The Deli team at Little Budworth get deliveries of an entire wheel of Kaltbach Creamy and slice it in house for sale in both our Little Budworth and Lower Stretton farm shops.

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