Jinzu – Our Gin of the Month

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Jinzu Gin is our ‘Gin of the Month’ this May. Created by young bar tender Dee Davies, this is a British gin inspired by the flavours of Japan. Jinzu was created for Diageo’s ‘Show Your Spirit’ competition, which it won in 2013. Dee had the idea to take botanicals including yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit), juniper, coriander, angelica and Japanese cherry blossom and combine them with Junmai sake, a Japanese rice wine.  Dee spent a week at Diageo’s innovation centre alongside the other finalists to develop her idea and also work with packaging design experts. As part of her winning prize, Dee receives 5% of the net sales and an additional 5% goes into a bartender initiatives fund. It is now distilled in Cameron Bridge in Scotland in a traditional copper pot still, and is available at both The Hollies Farm Shops at Lower Stretton and Little Budworth. We asked Dee what the perfect serve is for Jinzu and she recommended serving it with a premium tonic and a slice of green apple. Cheers!

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