Highland update

Monday, February 24th, 2014

The work continues in the Highlands of Scotland, now a month into the re-development, it’s hard to imagine how it will become 5 star luxury accommodation!  There is no doubt aspirations will become reality within 12 months, in the meantime skips continue to be filled with rubble, diggers work on the landscape and hidden gems are discovered within the building!

Plaster has been removed and the walls have been taken back to the brick, in so doing fireplaces have been discovered behind walls, one in particular in the hallway, much to everyone’s excitement; one step closer to creating the warm Highland welcome!

First fixes have commenced in the last week or so; electricians are re-wiring the whole building, fire protection equipment installed throughout & communication and audio cabling laid under the floors.

Rooms are starting to be re-shaped, ensuring that light pours in through the large windows and views are enjoyed from the inside.  Removing walls that blocked windows and changing the layout of every room is enhancing the experience to be enjoyed within every room.  The building team are working to plan, within the timescales, to date!  Fireplace surrounds, lighting, interior design, coving and much more are in discussion and currently being sourced.

Externally, the driveway is also being worked on.  Broken fencing and barbed wire  have been removed, opening up the landscape revealing the splendour of horse chestnut trees and a beautiful stream flowing down the hill to the river Dulnain opposite the hotel.

The hotel stands proud on a hill surrounded by beautiful countryside; snow-capped mountains, woodland and peaceful pastureland.  Breathe in the Highland air and you feel refreshed and ready to explore the outdoors.

We’ll post more details soon, so watch this space.

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