Growing at Delamere

Friday, July 19th, 2019

You may have seen in last month’s newsletter that Cyril, Peter and Richard had planted the pumpkin seedlings in the fields at Delamere. They have now planted the wall flowers, gourds and courgettes too. The team will be visiting the crops on a regular basis to water them as required and check how they are doing.

Whilst we were up at Delamere a few weeks ago, Richard took us to see the Christmas tree field where he grows The Hollies’ Christmas trees. Some of these trees were planted up to 10 years ago and some just last year so there are a wide range of sizes!

Richard was also re-potting the Christmas tree seedlings, getting rid of the weeds that had grown and giving them some fresh compost.


Another piece of Hollies’ History

On route to the trees, Richard pointed out a holly bush that he and the rest of the Cowap family had planted as a seedling on New Year’s Day 2000 to mark the Millennium!

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