Festive Cheese

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Our cheese fridge is always brimming with its stock of over 70 different cheeses and at this time of year our offering grows to include special festive cheese too! Our festive range of cheese includes a Winter Warmer cheese flavoured with cranberries and Christmas spices, Brie de Maux, Stilton & Apricot, Wensleydale & Cranberry and even a Mince Pie flavoured cheese!

Graham, our Delicatessen Manager at Little Budworth has picked out a selection of cheese to go alongside our festive range for the ultimate cheese board.

Montagnolo: International Cheese Award Nantwich Supreme Champion 2012. This delicious cheese combines the texture and rich taste of brie with the distinct flavour of the Roquefort fungus.

Thomas Hoe Aged Leicestershire Red: Nutty, tangy and moreish! Hand bound in a muslin cloth and sealed with warm melted butter before being left to mature for 6 months.

Coleston Basset Stilton: Smooth and creamy with distinctive blue veins that become more defined as the cheese ages.

Machego: A creamy distinctive flavoured sheep’s milk cheese. Aged for 2 years, well developed but not too strong.

Cornish Yarg: Wrapped in nettles before being left to mature, this cheese has a creamy soft texture underneath the nettles and a crumbly texture in the middle.

Red Winsor: A hard and creamy Cheddar with a fruitiness and pink tint from the added Brandy and Port.

Coleston Basset Shropshire Blue: A creamy blue cheese with a flavour between Blue Cheshire and Blue Stilton.

Red Fox: A Great British classic with an intense and complex blend of sweet, savoury and nutty flavour.

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