Cheese of the Month

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Our Cheese of the Month for June is the delicious Perl Wen (Welsh for ‘White Pearl’). This is a Welsh cheese, made by Caws Cenarth using their farmhouse Caerphilly recipe, it is made from cow’s milk and is also suitable for vegetarians.


This cheese is a combination of a lemony Caerphilly and a creamy Brie. It has a delicious buttery, tangy citrus taste with a touch of sea salt. As the cheese ages, the flavour gets more intense and deepens, with a richer cream caressing the lemony centre.


This tasty cheese is perfect on a Peter’s Yard Sourdough cracker topped with a huge splodge of Mrs Darlington’s Beetroot Chutney. This cheese is also perfect added on to a salad or baked on toast with a few herbs added.

To accompany this Artisan cheese, pour yourself a fruity red for the perfect combination.

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