Cheese of the Month

Monday, December 16th, 2019

Our ‘Cheese of the Month’ this January is Colston Bassett Stilton, one of the best naturally made Stiltons in the country. It is a scrumptious blue veined cow’s milk Stilton. This cheese is made in one of the smallest dairies in the UK, using hand-ladled curd and animal rennet.

Colston Bassett is intensely rich and creamy with a deep buttery and complex flavour. When the cheese is young it has a slightly tangy taste, however this disappears as the cheese matures.

Stilton is the perfect cheese to enjoy at this time of the year as it is made from summer milk which reaches perfect maturity.

We love this stilton melted on a burger, crumbled in a salad with pear and walnuts or added to a cheese board with a glass of classic Port.

It is National Cheese Lovers Day on the 20th of January, what better excuse do you need for enjoying our creamy Stilton?

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