Summer eating at the Butchery

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Your local Butchers at The Hollies are always working hard to source the freshest and best quality local meats to bring to you in their counter. Throughout the year they offer seasonal products and weekly specials; they even adapt their counter daily to account for the ever changing weather! They can offer advice on the best cuts of meat and also tell you how best to cook it when you get home.

Now that the new season lamb has arrived, the butchers have been hard at work to create a great selection of lamb products. There is the Ebony and Ivory; lamb stuffed with both black and white pudding. A particular one to try is the lamb with asparagus and apricots. The apricots add a touch of sweetness to the tender lamb which is just delicious. There is also lamb and mint grill steaks, marinated lamb riblets, minted lamb chops and marinated butterfly legs.

A new product this month is the Crispy Shallot Chicken; a chicken breast marinated in onion shallot marinade and coated in fresh breadcrumbs, herbs and toasted onion. Andrew also recommends a new herb fed free range chicken which would be just perfect for a Sunday Roast.

Back in April, Andrew, the Master butcher ordered in some Tomahawk steaks. Hung for 28 days and weighing in at 1 kilo these have proved to be very popular. It is a large, dramatic bone-in steak with a big, rich flavour to match. The Tomahawk is a succulent rib cut that already has all the flavour of on-the-bone ribs, and when cooked all of the extra flavours come out of the bone and boost the rich mellow sweetness to a whole new level. These steaks can either be seared in a pan and roasted in the oven, or put on the barbeque. Will it defeat you?

Towards the end of May we are hoping for fabulous weather; from the 26th May to the 1st of June it is National Barbeque week and we can’t wait for another excuse to get the barbeque lit!

Will you be trying any king beef kebabs, or the Chinese salt and pepper chicken kebabs, or the Hawaiian pork kebab? There is always a great variety of bacon, burgers, sausages, steaks, ribs, chops and more ready for your barbeque at both Little Budworth and Lower Stretton. Adding to the range of sausages, Andrew and his team will also begin working on some new sausage flavours over the coming months so make sure you look out for those.

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