Bathing Beauty

Monday, June 26th, 2017

George Jones, mother of three, wife of one and osteopath to many, is the founder of a fabulous new range of products we have in The Barn; Bathing Beauty.

Bathing Beauty was born out of desperation, and a determination to do better. On weaning, George’s youngest child developed bad eczema and every product they were prescribed seemed to inflame his delicate skin.

George used her in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body and a lifelong use of homeopathy and herbalism to pursue one aim; to find something to wash her son with and to soothe his inflamed skin. After a lot of late night kitchen alchemy and research, Miracle and Soothe Body Oil were formulated.

Here at The Hollies we have a capsule collection, including;
– Miracle, an award winning oat and honey, cold processed, palm oil free soap for eczema.
– Soothe, a double award winning, oil for sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis
– Smokey Jones, an award winning Conditioning Beard Oil
– POP, a silver award winning Fizzy Foot Bath to help refresh and revive hard working feet, as used by diabetic patients, reflexologists and ultra distance athletes.
– Jones the Bones, an award winning Muscle and Joint Oil created for use in Founder George Jones’ Osteopathic Clinic to help relieve the symptoms associated with any muscle and joint pain.
– “It’s all about the brushes” a complete set of Cruelty Free makeup brushes. Registered with The Vegan Society, they have been designed by Celebrity Make Up Artist Caroline James.

Since launching Bathing Beauty, George has gone on to create over 30 products and win 15 National Awards! Every Bathing Beauty product is mindfully manufactured by hand at The Source, a Victorian cart shed based in the foothills of The Clwydian Range. Each product is 100% natural and registered with the Vegan or Vegetarian Society and is therefore cruelty free.

Meet George on the 29th July 2017 at Little Budworth. 

Founder of Bathing Beauty; George

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