Asparagus Recipe By Gareth Rowlands

Thursday, May 29th, 2014


– 1 pack Hollies Mash potato

– 2 cups of peas

– 1 bunch asparagus

– 1 jar Mrs Darlington’s tomato chutney

– 2 spring onions

– Parmesan

– 50ml cream

– Butter

– Salt and pepper

– Pasta flour



1. Chop up spring onions and 1 cup of peas finely and add to the mash potato. Grate Parmesan into the mash and season. Mix well. Bind the mix with pasta flour and knead into a gnocchi dough.

2. Boil a pan of water. Shape your gnocchi into desired shape, then add them into the boiling water. When they are cooked they will rise to the top of the water. Remove from the water and dry on a clean cloth. Your gnocchi is now ready to be pan fried.

3. Steam or boil the asparagus. When ready to serve, pan fry with a touch of butter and seasoning. Boil the peas for 2 minutes, then blend with cream and butter. Heat the tomato chutney to a simmer. To plate up, spoon your creamed peas into the bottom of a bowl. Add your tomato chutney to the centre of the peas.

4. Lay out the gnocchi neatly, then add your pan fried asparagus and the remaining tomato chutney if desired.

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